Sexual Politics in Times of Pandemic: January-July 2021

First Words  In the last 2020 edition of Sexual Politics in Times of Pandemic Special of 2020, we hypothesized that throughout 2021, with the arrival of vaccines, COVID-19 might no longer be our main topic. However, this has not been the case. Since then, south of the equator, infections have continued running their course and new ...
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Peru: Dire prospects of the Pedro Castillo Government

Pedro Castillo Terrones is 51 years old and is a primary school teacher, farmer, and militia member. He studied education and obtained a master’s degree in Educational Psychology from the Universidad César Vallejo. He gained public notoriety after leading the teachers’ strike in 2017 and 2018 which stopped classes for months with the demand for ...
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Lucile Boiron’s Above All: An Exploration of the Living

The photos in Lucile Boiron’s series Mise en pièce, taken between a cosmetic surgery theatre and her own home, are graphic. The project sees Lucile place shots of body parts on operating tables alongside images of plants or animal products. The operating tables might remind people of death, the limbs prepared for surgery might remind people of ...
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