Analysing the intersection between health emergencies and abortion during Zika in Brazil, El Salvador and Colombia

Journal Social Science & Medicine Volume 270, February 2021 by Clare Wenhama, Camila Abagarob, Amaral Arévaloc, Ernestina Coasta, Sonia Corrêad, Katherine Cuéllare, Tiziana Leonea, Sandra Valongueirob Abstract The Zika outbreak of 2015-7 is a lens to analyse the positioning of abortion within in global health security. The sequelae of the virus almost exclusively affected newborn children, manifested through ...
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Pope Francis discursive games

Since 2013, Pope Francis I has been making unexpected comments about homosexuality, which usually call for compassion and tolerance. While these speech acts erupt here and there, the flow of water to the mill of Catholic conservatism follows its course. A few months after his election and subsequently to World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro, ...
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Sexual Politics in Times of Pandemic: July to December 2020

Editors’ Note We apologize to our readers and partners for the delay in making our last Special Issue on Sexual Politics in the Pandemic available. This delay was due to the unexpected compression of time that we have been experiencing in 2020, but also to cases of  COVID-19 within the ABIA/SPW team as well as among ...
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