Bolsonaro’s most radical supporters only believe what he tells them

As Brazil has been rising the tops of global coronavirus dissemination curve and Bolsonaro’s popularity hits a new low, his most radical support base has remained by his side. Its members have even inaugurated a new strategy for demonstrations against COVID-19 restriction policies. As rallies turn out has declined, the protest base has ushered more ...
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The Non-Essential Transphobia of Pandemic Disaster Politics

by Dr. Jacob Breslow You might think that in this particular moment, when there are so many lives to grieve, and when hundreds of millions of people globally are desperate for vital medical and financial support, that it is not an appropriate time to “politicize” allegedly “non-essential” issues like transgender rights and transfeminism. This sentiment, however, ...
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Sexual politics in times of pandemic

March and early April 2020 It has been very challenging to prepare the  SPW announcement for March/April 2020 due to the abnormality, risks, and losses caused by the dizzying spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus. In this troubled context, we thought that it was not sufficient to compile and organize, in our usual categories, the substantial volume ...
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