Sexual Politics in Times of Pandemic: August-October 2021

Since July, when we published our last Special Edition, as you will see in this issue, a lot has happened in the pandemic and in the field of sexual politics. Once again, the pages that follow are quite dense, but we remind you that the sections are relatively autonomous and can be read separately.
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An interview with Massimo Prearo: The Zan Law failure, the neo – Catholic movement and Vatican’s Politics:  

In the last Special Issue of last year we have done a brief assessment of Vatican politics. Concomitantly, we  published an article by the Italian political scientist Massimo Prearo on Pope Francis’s  speech act on same sex marriage that, in October 2020, had major media impact. Since then,  in many other occasions, the pope has ...
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Sexual Politics in Times of Pandemic: January-July 2021

First Words  In the last 2020 edition of Sexual Politics in Times of Pandemic Special of 2020, we hypothesized that throughout 2021, with the arrival of vaccines, COVID-19 might no longer be our main topic. However, this has not been the case. Since then, south of the equator, infections have continued running their course and new ...
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