Sexual Politics in 2022: Retrospective

>> Read in PDF << First words In 2022, we adjusted our perspective for monitoring and analyzing sexual politics. In the previous two years, our editorial focus had been the Covid-19 pandemic and its effects. As the dramatic and brutally lethal epidemiological scenarios have abated, we have refocused on the national and transnational dynamics of sexual politics. ...
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Brazil’s “Infamous Sunday” – Compilation of analysis about the January 8th attacks in Brasilia

As Brazil was stunned by January 8th storming rioters against the buildings of Federal Administration, Congress and Supreme Court, we collected analysis to better understand the roots, circumstances and outcomes of the “infamous Sunday”.
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The rise of Georgia Meloni: An interview with Massimo Prearo

SPW: There has been a lot of talk abroad about Giorgia Meloni, the far-right politician who made a meteoric rise in the polls, becoming Italy’s first female prime minister. We want to hear you about her trajectory. But, first of all, could you explain the context of permanent political instability in Italy, and the failure ...
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