Sexual Politics from August to November 2022

>> Download as PDF << Preface Due to its relevance in Brazil and the rest of the world, we rescheduled the publication of our newsletter to be able to include the results of the Brazilian elections that, thanks to the votes of the poorest people, women, the black population, and indigenous peoples, mean the end of the ...
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The rise of Georgia Meloni: An interview with Massimo Prearo

SPW: There has been a lot of talk abroad about Giorgia Meloni, the far-right politician who made a meteoric rise in the polls, becoming Italy’s first female prime minister. We want to hear you about her trajectory. But, first of all, could you explain the context of permanent political instability in Italy, and the failure ...
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Brief notes on the 2022 Brazilian elections (for those who don’t live in Brazil)

By Sonia Corrêa. These notes on the end of the Bolsonaro government are brief and very preliminary. As I was writing I was just adjusting to the atmosphere that started to be installed in Brazil on Sunday. To be more precise, last night when it became clear that, despite a cowardly and deplorable statement and ...
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