One Year of COVID-19: Sexual Politics in Times of Pandemic Round-Up

Preliminary comment In 2020, in order to adjust our lenses to COVID-19 world conditions, we suspended our regular monthly announcements and started a series of special editions aimed at situating sexual politics in the pandemic scenario. In this new editorial format, selected materials were organized in relation to the economic dimensions of COVID-19 and the political ...
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Brazil: New president of the House opens the road for anti-abortion provisions

by Thais Rodrigues and Edson Sardinha* Brazilian conservative and extreme -right parlimentarians  are planing to take advantage of the new presidency of the House, MP Arthur Lira (from the Partido Progressista) to push through with their anti-abortion propositions, which had been shelved by the former president,  MP Rodrigo Maia (Democratas). Having been supported in his election ...
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Recommendations on Brazil to President Biden

With the contribution and/or endorsement of 100 academics from universities such as Harvard, Brown and Columbia, and of organizations such as Greenpeace USA, Amazon Watch, Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR), Defend Democracy in Brazil, the USNDB has delivered to the Biden-Harris Administration urgent recommendations for US-Brazil Policy across 10 critical issues (access the ...
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