Amnesty International’s Updated Abortion Policy: FAQs

We have updated our position to align with evolving international human rights law and standards, to make it as inclusive as possible, and to ensure it addresses the full range of barriers that impede access to safe abortion and the full range of human rights violations due to criminalization of abortion.
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Judith Butler on the culture wars, JK Rowling and living in “anti-intellectual times”

Thirty years ago, the philosopher Judith Butler*, now 64, published a book that revolutionised popular attitudes on gender. Gender Trouble, the work she is perhaps best known for, introduced ideas of gender as performance. It asked how we define “the category of women” and, as a consequence, who it is that feminism purports to fight for. Today, it is a ...
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Pedophilia, moral panic and abortion rights in Latin America and Brazil

            After six months into the pandemic, a striking feature of the condition under which we are working is that time has not expanded, as initially many of us had predicted, but rather shrank. Although we are fixed in one place, the complete virtualization of work and sociability has triggered a spiraling of overlapped interactions that ...
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