Sexual politics from January to June 2024 (Part 2)

>> Read in PDF << Part 2 – Continuing anti-gender offensives Gender politics: good news Inevitably, the political situation described in part 1 of this issue is marked by anti-gender attacks, attacks on LGBTQIA+ rights, and, as we’ll see below, on the right to abortion. However, we also have some good news. In the international sphere, the most important ...
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Sexual politics from January to June 2024 (Part 1)

>> Read in PDF << Part 1 – Democracies in dispute Introduction As we have pointed out in previous editions, in recent years sexual politics has become inseparable from the dynamics of de-democratization and authoritarianism that have been growing around the world – with particular strength in the Americas and Europe, where democratic regimes seemed to be firmly ...
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Brazil is accused at the UN of violations of the right to legal abortion

Civil society organisations have appealed to the United Nations, asking international bodies to put pressure on the Brazilian authorities to comply with the laws that guarantee the right to abortion in specific cases. In a statement on Friday, the organisations Conectas, Feminist Collective Sexuality & Health (Coletivo Feminista Sexualidade e Saúde), Anis, Catholics for the ...
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