Bolsonaro’s pick for the House presidency promises anti-abortion agenda

by Thais Rodrigues and Edson Sardinha* Congresswomen and congressmen who call themselves conservative intend to take advantage of Arthur Lira’s presidency (Progressives Party) of the House to push through with anti-abortion propositions, once shelved by former president Rodrigo Maia (Democrats Party). Supported by the Evangelical bench and the Parliamentary Mixed Front against Abortion and in Defense ...
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Recommendations on Brazil to President Biden

With the contribution and/or endorsement of 100 academics from universities such as Harvard, Brown and Columbia, and of organizations such as Greenpeace USA, Amazon Watch, Center for Economic and Policy Research (CEPR), Defend Democracy in Brazil, the USNDB has delivered to the Biden-Harris Administration urgent recommendations for US-Brazil Policy across 10 critical issues (access the ...
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Analysing the intersection between health emergencies and abortion during Zika in Brazil, El Salvador and Colombia

Journal Social Science & Medicine Volume 270, February 2021 by Clare Wenhama, Camila Abagarob, Amaral Arévaloc, Ernestina Coasta, Sonia Corrêad, Katherine Cuéllare, Tiziana Leonea, Sandra Valongueirob Abstract The Zika outbreak of 2015-7 is a lens to analyse the positioning of abortion within in global health security. The sequelae of the virus almost exclusively affected newborn children, manifested through ...
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