Brazil is accused at the UN of violations of the right to legal abortion

Civil society organisations have appealed to the United Nations, asking international bodies to put pressure on the Brazilian authorities to comply with the laws that guarantee the right to abortion in specific cases. In a statement on Friday, the organisations Conectas, Feminist Collective Sexuality & Health (Coletivo Feminista Sexualidade e Saúde), Anis, Catholics for the ...
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Sexual Politics from July to November 2023

>> Download and read in PDF << First Words This edition of the SPW newsletter covers the main events in sexual politics since July, roughly the second half of 2023. As we have pointed out in previous editions, especially since the pandemic, the sexual politics of the 21st century is indelibly intertwined with the de-democratizing and authoritarian ...
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From My Body to Yours, and Gaza to the World – Zillah Eisenstein

A Meditation on Death, Killing, and Possibility I knew my body was healing from the surgery when I found myself ready to engage with the world and posted on Facebook: I am always anti-zionist. And never an antisemite. And always an anti-racist feminist against misogynist wars. And then a few days later I posted: Zionist Trustees and ...
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