Interview with Judith Butler: Knowledge against fear

Why there is no such concept as a “gender ideology”? And whose interests does it serve to? There is no ideology of gender, for that suggests that there is a core set of beliefs or a single theory.  In reality, there is a complicated world of gender ...
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Antigender politics from May to August 2019

We start this announcement recalling that, before May 2019, two major antigender events have taken place that are worth revisiting because of their potential subsequent ripple effects in Europe and Latin America. The World Congress of Families – The 2019 edition of the World Family Congress (WCF) ...
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Gender (once again) under attack in Brazil

On Tuesday, September 3rd, JMB has Twitted that he mandated the Minister of Education to draft bill to prohibit the diffusion of “gender ideology” in public schools at the primary level (read in Portuguese). He based his request on an opinion issued by the Union’s Attorney’s Office in response to an anti-constitutional ...
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