Sexual Politics from February to July 2023

>>> Read/download in PDF <<< Opening Words This newsletter describes and seeks to contextualize the developments in sexual politics since February 2023. In times of democratic deterioration around the world, sexual politics, our object of analysis, inevitably finds itself entangled in authoritarian shifts. The pervasive effects of de-democratization are palpable in anti-gender political dynamics and mutations, in ...
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Anti-trans attacks in sports: a necessary update

By Nana Soares. In July 2022, we published an article echoing and contextualising the guidelines then adopted by the International Swimming Federation (FINA) regarding the participation of trans women in their competitions. As we highlight in the article, gender policing in sports is not a new debate, but it is one that has intensified and ...
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Sexual Politics in 2022: Retrospective

>> Read in PDF << First words In 2022, we adjusted our perspective for monitoring and analyzing sexual politics. In the previous two years, our editorial focus had been the Covid-19 pandemic and its effects. As the dramatic and brutally lethal epidemiological scenarios have abated, we have refocused on the national and transnational dynamics of sexual politics. ...
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