Understanding the dismantling of the AIDS response in Brazil

Rio de Janeiro, May 27th, 2019 Brazilian Interdisciplinary AIDS Association (ABIA)   After the justifications given by the Ministry of Health for the establishment of the new structure of the Department responsible for the response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic – among the measures is the renaming of the former Department ...
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Politics of Death: The End of Brazil’s Department of AIDS

Brazil’s national AIDS movement – comprised of networks, collectives, CSOs and activists signed below – repudiates Decree N. 9795 (read in Portuguese), released on May 20th, 2019, that establishes a new structure for the Ministry of Health. As a result, the former Department of ...
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Sexual politics in April 2019

Highlights Algeria and Sudan: A revived Arab Spring? –  Almost six years after the Arab Spring waned under the shadows of the Sissi regime, political upheavals revived in the Arab World.  In Algeria, after six weeks of persistent demonstrations, President Bouteflika, in power since 1999, was forced ...
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