Sexual politics in Brazil: the conservative restoration a further step ahead

  As SPW readers know, for some years now Brazil has been undergoing regressions in gender and sexual politics and, since last year, a full conservative political restoration. In September 2017, these trends have decidedly escalated.   Potential legislative retrogressions in relation to existing abortion rights have not ...
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Vik Muniz writes about censorship in Brazil

Vik Muniz In Brazil, evangelical politicians and a conservative press are working to suppress art by forcing museums to shut down or reject shows, gay-themed, involving nudity, etc., that are anathema to their beliefs. This text, by Vik Muniz, a prominent and at times politically controversial Brazilian artist, is in response to a recent ...
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Sexual Politics in September 2017

September is the key moment of the year in regard to abortion rights,  as the 28th marks the International Safe Abortion Day worldwide.  As informed by the International Campaign for Women’s to Safe Abortion, the pre-day bulletin circulated by the Women’s Global Network for Reproductive Rights ...
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