Sexual Politics in January 2017

In January, the first and foremost events to be reported are avalanche of draconian and regressive policy measures adopted in the chaotic first two weeks of the Trump administration. Though buried beneath the impact of outrageous closure of borders and decisions about trade agreements – which ...
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Habemus Gender! The Catholic Church and ‘Gender Ideology’

Guest editors: Sarah Bracke and David Paternotte This special issue of Religion and Gender explores the invention  of ‘gender ideology’ with a particular focus on role played by  the Catholic Church and the Vatican in the construction of this cultural and political movement. Although the Catholic ...
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Reflections on Trump, by Judith Butler

My own sense is that Trump unleashed a rage that has several objects and several causes, and we should probably be skeptical of those who claim to know the true cause and the exclusive object. The condition of economic devastation and disappointment, the loss of hope in the face of an economic future brought on ...
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