Sexual politics in August 2018

#MourningMuseuNacional: As this announcement was being finalized, the Brazilian National Museum burned in flames. A singular and irrecoverable collection of the country’s historical and cultural memory, painfully accumulated in the course of the last two hundred years, is gone. Devastated and speechless, we join with our ...
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The Chilean Catholic Church and its crisis

by Jaime Barrientos Chile began 2018 with a visit from Pope Francis. The country still remembered the one paid by John Paul II who, in the midst of the military period, convoked thousands of people to the streets across the country, who answered his call to ...
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Brazilian Supreme Court Public Hearing on the Decriminalization of Abortion

Download Sonia Corrêa’s article on the public hearings for abortion decriminalization in Brazil — a landmark event in the feminist struggle for abortion rights.
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