Sexual Politics in August 2017

Two outstandingly positive news are to be reported in sexual politics worldwide in August 2017. In India, the Supreme Court issued a groundbreaking decision on the right to privacy. In Chile, the Constitutional Court approved a new abortion law that leaves behind the draconian prohibition of ...
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Chile: major step for women’s right to abortion

In Chile, the processing of a bill aimed at legalizing abortion in three cases — when the woman’s life is at risk, when the fetus is non-viable and when a pregnancy results from rape — was halted when the Lower House has not reached the number of votes required to ratify the text and ...
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India Supreme Court Decision on the Right to Privacy: a compilation

The Supreme Court decision expanded the interpretation of the right to privacy to also address cultural diversity, plurality and more importantly, to recognize it as a right that is not merely about being left alone in a private space, but also about the respect to personhood and the ability to decide the course of one’s ...
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