The diversity in the São Paulo LGBT Pride Parade and the State of Israel

by Marco Aurélio Máximo Prado “I contend that these values all derive from important Jewish sources, which is not to say that they are only derived from those sources. But for me, given the history from which I emerge, it is most important as ...
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Sexual politics in July 2018

22nd International AIDS Conference:  On July 22, Pedro Villardi, from GTPI-ABIA, participated in the  Challenging Criminalization Globally Pre-Conference, one of the more important satellites events in which matters related to gender and sexuality were debated. Other relevant events to be reported are: the Change
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Social justice in the time of austerity: the promise(s) of Mia Mottley

by Roberta Clarke  On May 24th, Mia Mottley became Prime Minister of Barbados with her Barbados Labour Party (BLP) winning all thirty parliamentary seats. This obliteration of the opposing Democratic Labour Party (DLP) which had been in government for the previous 10 years ...
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