Sexual politics in June 2018

Main global trends  ICD Reform – On June 18, the Working Group set up by the World Health Organization (WHO), has released the final version of the International Classification Diseases 11 (ICD 11). These parameters have been under review since 2011 and the outcome of ...
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The globalisation of anti-gender campaigns

Transnational anti-gender movements in Europe and Latin America create unlikely alliances by Sonia Corrêa, David Patternote and Roman Kuhar This is a paper originally published in English in the International  Politics and Society (IPS) webiste and subsequently re-published in Spanish by Open Democracy. To read it click here.  ...
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Gender Ideology: tracking its origins and meanings in current gender politics

by Sonia Corrêa In the first week of November 2017, Judith Butler was viciously attacked in Brazil by a heterogeneous group of actors who define themselves as anti-gender, a regrettable episode caught the attention of both the media and international ...
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