Abortion and gender identity in Brazil in the midst of uncertainties

by Sonia Corrêa Brazilian abortion and sexual politics continue ensnarled by the uncertainties of the overall political environment. On February 16th, a presidential decree determined an intervention in the public security system of the State of Rio de ...
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Sexual politics in February and early March 2018

Main global trends Another mass shooting in Parkland (Florida) shocked the US and the world. Research findings that gained visibility after the tragedy reveal that most perpetrators of mass shootings reported in the country are white males, of which a large percentage has had a ...
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Aid agencies and sexual misconduct

On February 15, Oxfam entered the role of sexual abuse scandals after the #MeToo movement swept over Hollywood and other organizations, reaching further spheres, such as sports, politics, diplomacy and the evangelical church. Despite the unexpectedness humanitarian missions inspire for such actions, Oxfam, as well as other aid agencies, ...
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