Sexual Politics in April 2016

A new wave of deadly attacks against human rights and secular activists is at play in Bangladesh. In final April, two LGBT activists were hacked to death, fueling outrage and protest around the world. Weeks before, some protesters ...
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“Underage” sexuality: the tragic effect of draconian criminal laws

As  underlined by Michel Foucault in his writings, in modern times,  children and adolescent sexualities have been under close and systematic surveillance. While in the 19th and early 20th century the masturbating child was the main figure of these disciplinary norms and practices, from the mid  20th century these concerns, not to say panics,  have ...
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The SRI’s National Sexual Rights Law and Policy Database is now live!

The Sexual Rights Initiative is delighted to announce that the National Sexual Rights Law and Policy Database is now live. The database is designed as a dynamic tool regularly updated by our team of researchers and validated by experts in-country. Help us keep the information up-to-date by contacting us when a law or policy has ...
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